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Medical ear candles

Medical ear candles

Medical ear candles is the sole patented, effective and accessible remedy for treatment and preventive maintenance of ENT diseases in house conditions. The combination of traditional national medicine experience and modern knowledge has allowed to revive this unique way of treatment and has made it deservedly popular


  • ear, throat, nose diseases of inflammatory character (acute and chronic rhinitises, otitises, tonsillitises, pharyngitises);

  • inflammatory diseases of additional bosoms (genyantritis, frontal sinusitis);

  • ear cerumen;

  • noise in ears of various etiology, cases of decrease in hearing ;

  • dizziness; headaches, migraines;

  • dream infringements ;

  • nervousness, irritability, stress conditions; cochlear neuritis, atherosclerosis ;

  • stimulation of metabolic processes ;

  • stimulation and normalization of energetics in this area .


Contraindications :

  • purulent discharge from the ear ;

  • damage of an eardrum and external acoustic meatus

  • swelling processes in the head ;

  • allergic reactions to beekeeping products .


Natural components of the ear phyto-candles provide anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and spasmolytic action without by-effects .


The phytotherapic effect is reached by a combination of natural soft heat and vacuum-therapy at burning a candle that leads to alleviation of nasal breathing and to improvement of hearing, strengthening of blood circulation

and activation of the lymph current. Treatment can successfully be held at home .


Composition :

Beeswax, propolis extract, cotton, composition of curative herbs .

In the day of procedure it is no need to wash your heir because of prevention of water entry in the auricle .

In case of chronic diseases 5-6 procedures are recommended .

Bio ear cleaning 20 lv .

Town Varna
Mineral pool St. Konstantin and Elena
Working hours - 10 17 h . ( 20
th of April 20th of October 10 days).

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